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mymarketmonitor.com online will help you identify, engage and report on your social media audience:


See where you are mentioned in conversations from consumers, bloggers and media sites.


Our real-time social media monitoring shows you where you need to engage first and why.


Easily report on the effectiveness, value and impact of your social media strategy.

mymarketmonitor.com online establishes the credibility, sentiment, relevance and influence of any internet mention for any keyword, whether it’s your brand, a competitor, an issue or a trend. We work with you providing the tools, experience and analysis to maximise the value of your online marketing activity.

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mymarketmonitor.com print gives actionable insight on any beauty brand so that you can make intelligence based decisions to increase your press presence and ultimately sales.

As the specialist beauty media insight company we monitor the UK press marketing activity of every single beauty brand for both editorial and advertising.

Marketers can understand the relationship between these two important press strategies by any company, any brand, any product or any publication.

The leading beauty companies use mymarketmonitor.com to:

  • See any competitors marketing strategy
  • Increase editorial
  • Maximise advertising opportunities
  • Track trends and product launches in real time
  • Confidently position their brands
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